AE animation & Compositing

It's been long on my bucket list to be a part of a talented team at BUCK working on a strikingly beautiful storytelling piece. I've been lucky enough to work on this inspiring film explaining what exactly GitHub is.

Though I got to help with storyboarding and animatic as well, my main focus was this one sequence in a world of GitHub UI elements floating all around.

↓ Camera blocking vs final result

Tons of 3D layers, blending modes, blurs and optical bending effects definitely tested my computer's limits but was a nice challenge and a fun piece of animation to figure out.

↓ Comping breakdown

Client  →  GitHub
Studio  →  BUCK
Executive creative director  →  Vincent Lammers
Executive producer  →  Chance Woodward
Creative director  →  Richard Gray
Producer  →  Carolina Bandão
Associate Creative Director  →  Jen Zheng
Art director →  Fabrizio Lenci
Animation director  →  Daniel Rodrigues


Credits for the shot I worked on:

My role  →  AE compositing & animation
Designer  →  Yana Abramova
Character designer  →  Mijke Coebergh
Secondary AE animation  →  Robin Desnoue
Cel animation/cleanup  →  Tucker Klein, Shelby Chan, Erik Righetti, Simon Schu, Daiqi Cui, Yinan Liang

See the final film and full credits → here


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