Nice to meet you!

I'm Otilija Morozaitė, a 2D animator at BUCK Ams 👋

From the start of 2021, I was extremely lucky to have worked as a freelance motion designer with talented folks at animation studios around the Globe. 

My freelance days are currently on hold as I joined the animation team at BUCK Amsterdam in June 2022. I'm not accepting any new job inquiries for the time being but feel free to contact me about any cool ideas you might have! → [email protected]



Some thoughts about animation and life and stuff:

Oniontalks by (in Lithuanian)
Graphic Design in Animation: Will it Make or Break Your Project?




→ Speaker at CONVERS10N International Graphic Design Conference
→ Moving Graphic Design – Short Documentary Stories on Contemporary Lithuanian Design


Excited to hear from you! Write me a letter ↓

[email protected]

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