Personal project

Traveling always gives me new ideas and inspiration. I made this little shot just after I got back from my vacation in Italy. Those small towns on the coastal hills covered by lemon trees... And the amazingly refreshing lemon spritzes (can't say I had only one of those!) inspired me to translate those impressions into a short animation. Oh, and the straw is made of metal! Gotta take care of this beautiful globe of ours!


For me, the main focus was to translate the feeling I had through design, lighting, and movement — telling a story of how a lemon (just fresh from a tree) falls into a drink enriching the taste of it and how the girl feels about that refreshing beverage of hers.


This shot was created as part of the Creative Lunch Break series curated by Stepdraw.

Big thanks to Karolis Grabys for the excellent sound design.

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