I had a lovely opportunity of working with BUCK on this quirky project for Zapier. Full of zaps and sparkles, a wizard and his hat tell a story of the magic that is Zapier's automation.

I got to test my leadership skills as an animation lead on the project, along with the amazing animation director Joe Brooks and creative director Jen Zheng ⚡️

Defining the motion language ↓


The perfect pairing to the quirkiness of the design was a steppy, low frame rate animation style, where faux 3D turntables meet characterful electric zaps. The cel-inspired animation approach resulted in a charmingly cartoonish spot.

A shot I worked on from the second spot ↓


I got to touch a lot of shots on both spots while defining the timing and working on the animatic. But these two were the ones that I completed from start to finish.


Client  →  Zapier
Production studio  →  BUCK
Producer  →  Katie Liston
Creative direction  →  Jennifer Zheng
Animation direction  →  Joe Brooks
Art direction  →  Fabrizio Lenci
Storyboard  →  Joe Sparkes
Design lead  →  Bianca Beneduci Assad
Design  →  Catarina Alves, Lea Zhang, Leonie Despres
Animation lead  →  Otilija Morozaitė
Animation  →  Marco de Vecchi, Joe Sparkes, Greta Sennekamp, Marco van der Vlag, Bianca Beneduci Assad, Jardeson Rocha, Andres Cuevas


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