Keti Koti

To mark 150 years of Keti Koti (abolition of slavery in the Netherlands, Suriname and ABC/SSS islands) BUCK created scarves for BUCK GOODS with all proceeds going to slavery awareness & education foundations. To promote the scarves and help raise funds BUCK produced a short animated video to their social media channels. I was happy to join the team that animated this video and contributed to a great cause.


Studio  →  BUCK
Executive Creative Director  →  Vincent Lammers
Associate Creative Director  →  Simon Buijs
Head of Production  →  Carolina Brandão
Associate Producer  →  Bénédicte Gold-Dalg
Senior Art Director  →  Fabrizio Lenci
Animation Director  →  Daniel Rodrigues
Design  →  Anna Moessnang, Simon Buijs, Mijke Coebergh, Fabrizio Falenci, Christo Silveira, Léa Zhang
2D Animation/After Effects  →  Andrés Cuevas, Bernd Bousard, Greta Senekamp, Jardeson Rocha, Laurentiu Lunic, Otilija Morozaitė
Cel animation  →  Bianca Beneduci Assad, Santiago Gonzalez
3D Artists  →  Sonal Jadhav, Jonas Nunes

My role  →  AE animation
See full video here!


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